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Eating Out with Kids

Hi. My name is Laurie Taylor. My husband Max and I have four children all under the age of twelve. One of the things we enjoy doing as a family is having a night out eating at a restaurant. You are probably thinking, "They enjoy eating at restaurants with four young children?" Yes, it can prove to be a challenge at times, but for the most part we have found ways to keep the children happy, and we all have a great time. There have been many times when other patrons have come up to us and comment on how well behaved our children are. I would like to share some of the ways we make eating out as a family an enjoyable experience for all. From toddler to Daddy, everyone has a lovely evening.


4 Things To Try At A Customized Pizza Restaurant

Pizza may have been invented in Italy, but it has become an American staple. Cheese and pepperoni pizzas are classic crowd-pleasers, but you may find yourself wanting to branch out. Pizza can be incredibly versatile. Its flavors can be changed with a few simple adjustments. At a customized pizza restaurant, you can build a pizza from scratch, tailoring it to include all your favorite flavors. Here are four things you can try at a customized pizza restaurant: Read More 

How To Have A Great Time On A Dinner Train

Dinner train tours are becoming more and more popular in recent years. You can enjoy a meal with friends and fellow diners as you ride across the countryside. There are train tours that wind through the mountains, and others that take you through a prairie. It's hard to imagine having a bad time on a dinner train; that's highly unlikely. However, there are ways to help ensure you have as great of a time as possible! Read More 

4 Reasons To Consider BBQ Catering For Your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding, you will want to make sure your guests are well-fed. You don't want the biggest story of your wedding to be how everyone was hungry and had to grab food on their way home. Serving the right food at your wedding can help make your wedding a more enjoyable experience. When it comes to the best food to serve at your wedding, you should consider serving BBQ food. Read More 

How To Make Your Sandwich Shop A Go-To Lunch Spot

If you own a sandwich shop, you probably long for your shop to be the place where everyone wants to eat lunch. You want it to be a place where people look forward to meeting friends or grabbing a delicious mid-week meal. So how do you go from being a standard, run-of-the-mill sandwich shop to a must-dine staple? Well, you can start by following these tips. 1. Offer some pre-made sandwiches. Read More 

4 Signs It May Be Time to Try Healthy Meal Delivery Kits

Many people struggle with finding enough time to prepare healthy meals regularly. It takes time to go shopping for the right ingredients and to prepare meals that are healthy and delicious. If you find yourself struggling with this, but you want to prioritize your health, it may be time to invest in healthy meal delivery kits. These kits make it easy to get the good food that your body needs. Here are some signs it may be time to try healthy meal delivery kits. Read More